Higher Self Reiki Healing: I connect to your highest self, your intuitive self and allow you to own your healing abilities. My passion is to open the feeling of love, trust, faith, and gratitude into your life. I am here to listen to your soul and offer the energetic connections you need to find your inner peace, your highest self.

Who I am the Past/Present/Future:Past: I found my path of Reiki healing through the help of family and friends. I found that I needed to learn more about myself physically and spiritually before I could assist others in their journey. Because of the classes I have taken and lessons I have learned, I am able to join in this quest to help others.

Present: Currently, I am a practicing Certified Nursing Assistant in Public Health, Reiki Master and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I am in school for Integrative Health and Healing.

Future: I will continue my education in health and healing and follow the path that the Divine leads me. I would love to be a full-time Practitioner and continue to help others find their path. I would like to share my gifts and to teach others what I am guided to teach.



My journey as an intuitive spiritual healer truly began once I acknowledged that my high level of sensitivity went beyond sensing the subtleties of energy and feeling my emotions deeply. To also acknowledge that I have always been able to use my sensitivity to register what another soul is going through and be intuitively guided on how to provide support through these spiritual gifts. At that time, I didn’t understand that these experiences were teaching and guiding me to understand both myself and others.

After completing Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program, I have been able to fully step into my purpose in life. My own journey has not been without pain or suffering, but the growth and clarity that I’ve gained from my struggles have further expanded the understanding and compassion I have for others.

I hold a vast heart space of love and compassion, allowing me to be fully present with the struggle of another soul. Bearing witness to their experience, allowing them to be seen, heard and understood triggers the transformation through the heart space allowing healing to occur. The work is transformational as it provides spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Supporting other souls to see and realize their own beauty and potential moving beyond their struggle is how I feel called to serve.



I believe Energy is the Medicine of the Future. I never had High Corporate Ideals or College aspirations. I was on a COMPLETELY different Pathway. An Energy Highway, I Sensed, Saw, Heard and Felt most of the Outer World influencing the Inner World of your Being. Messages from that “other” world lead me to the place I am now. My guardian expressed, “You are assisting the Peeps, They need an assistant to their Healing.”

I have had many mix-ups, mess-ups and a million Up Steps guiding me always to the World of Spirit. I understand that a lot of what is happening to us is actually for us. I discovered that healing is actually healing others in their journey, helping them achieve their dreams.

I assist you in connecting to this unseen world, discovering your unseen talents, gifts and life purpose. You are your own healer. I teach you the energetic tools to get your own energy flowing.



I began my healing practitioner journey through seeking my own healing. Years ago, I had been in a serious auto accident and walked away with no apparent damage but ten broken fingernails. Several years later, I began to have neck issues and was told that I had significant neck damage from multi-directional whiplash. Over time, various muscular-skeletal issues developed from compensation posturing causing dysfunction and pain that were negatively impacting my quality of life. No western traditional practitioner or modality was successful in leading to any improvements. My massage therapist at the time was also a holistic RN, Reiki Master, and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. She suggested that I take Healing Touch Level 1 in order to work on myself.

The healing process that began for me was so profound and life-changing that I continued through Level 4, an extensive apprenticeship with a Ph.D. RN, and the certification process which includes an international exam. I enthusiastically followed the road to Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. I couldn't wait to share my experience with others who have not found success in their search for healing.

I have a private practice on the East Coast where I treat clients in person or do distance healing with clients from any location. My practice works with my intuition and light or near body touch to reduce anxiety and depression, provide acute and chronic pain relief, trauma release, navigate life changes of various kinds, perform pre and post surgical care, cancer support, strengthening the immune system and maintaining wellness. I restore and maintain wellness by connecting, opening, and balancing the human energy system. Each session is tailored to the individual client and the current needs desiring to be addressed. My energy healing concepts integrate body, mind, and spirit in a heart centered space.

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Completion of Apprenticeship with Cyndi Dale, Anatomy for Healers with Sue Hovland, Advanced Chakra Diagnosis and Treatment with Janna Moll and Master Level Practitioner Training Hara Workshop with Janna Moll, Energetic Awareness and Personal Energy Boundaries with Franny Harcey and Back Chakra Activation Workshop with Franny Harcey, Level 1 Aromatherapy through ISHA, Level 1 Reflexology with Julie Mezzy.



I grew up, and still live, in rural Minnesota. After my husband was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease, I searched for ways to make his (our) life easier. We met an Applied Kinesiologist who introduced me to the concept of energy medicine. From her, I learned that I have a natural talent for "feeling energy flows". With that information, my training began!

I attended Meta Institute for my Reiki Master training and Normandale Community College for my Energy Medicine certification. I completed the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program for Subtle Energy Practitioners. I am currently enrolled in the Cyndi Dale Advanced Apprenticeship Program. By attending workshops and classes, reading articles and books and doing extensive research, I am self-taught on the frequencies and healing powers of essential oils, crystals and gemstones, and affirmations.

I am very Nature-based, but also have a "knowing" that is given to me from other sources.

During sessions with clients, I use words and symbols in everyday language to describe to them their energy flow and frequency.

It is my pleaser to assist clients in the clearing, balancing and smoothing their energetic systems so their bodies can do their own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.



I am a multi-gifted shamanic empath owning an established massage therapy practice in the Sacramento area. The unique “knowing” in my massage therapy includes the subtle energy elements/patterns I tune into.

I offer these readings to my clients, giving insight to their particular need which is beyond physical. To my delight, when the client receives these messages their healing quickens with an energy-healing that flows out to the people in their life.

I currently have certifications from Reiki I, Healing Art Institute, Berkeley Acupressure, Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship, and Aromatherapy. I am always working on learning ways in which I may best help others in their spiritual awakening and growth.



33 years of practicing physical therapy revealed to me the subtle energy patterns often sustained by mind habits. I learned to release blocked energy patterns in the physical body simultaneously released emotional blocks. In fact releasing a physical energy block accompanied by an emotional release gave lasting effect.

Treating patients following trauma, surgery, or pharmacology use, I asked the Great Spirit, "What if we don’t resort to these methods for care? What if we treat the problems before they become physical?" The Great Spirit taught there is no such thing as “just a physical problem”.

Subtle energy methods and techniques satisfy my curiosity as to what else is going on here. I incorporate movement therapy, Chinese medical philosophy, meditation, spiritual philosophy, yoga, acupressure and subtle energy cleansing practices in my healing approach. I have confirmed that increasing one’s consciousness levels sustains the healing results.



Ofer Niv’s practice provides keys to resolve some of the perhaps elusive issues that humans quite commonly experience in life here on earth. A person seeking solutions and insight may find them here particularly where the issues are regarded as relative to their internal alchemy.

Ofer’s journeying and clearing techniques are doors to self-expansion and to self-optimizing the healer within all people.

The objective for work with Ofer begins by determining why a person has come to him and what it is that the person wants and truly needs. This enables the path to unfurl before the person and removes obstacles and blockages to assimilating one’s “highest’ path of sustainability, “wholistic” health, and wellness …and hence, true happiness.