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The Spirit Collective, comprised of healers from diverse backgrounds, gathers information from your subtle energy fields that hold clues to your habits, tendencies, and patterns which may either be enhancing or hindering your life path.

What to Expect

In a reading, 3-4 healers will set an intention based on a question or concern provided by you, the guest. The leader will bless the occasion with an invitation to the Great Spirit to lead the healing. Each practitioner responds with the information they gathered from your subtle energy, perhaps asking further questions to bring greater clarity according to insights gathered that day. Next, the practitioners will work to clear the energy field. Finally, the gathering closes with new information sealed for the guest to continue healing safely afterward.

Chakra Energy


Jonni Jeannette
Ofer Niv
Kelli Bergstadt
Elizabeth Downs
Carol Dutton
Amy Cianchetti
Kathleen MacKenna
Tonya Dee


We, the Spirit Collective, gather our Spiritual gifts in the Eternal Now on your behalf according to your request. Invocation of the Great Spirit leads the session always with your greatest good and highest intention held fast in our minds.

We set the table of this communion by circumscription of our personal energy fields bound safely and separate from your reading. The Great Spirit leads the session shifting your energy field making corrections towards the highest intention of healing and definitely no harm to you, our guest.

The diverse gifts of each practitioner call forth insights and suggestions drawn from your subtle energy field as we are messengers of your light body. These messages are an invitation for you to shift your field to a higher vibration illuminating insights and possibilities not yet realized in your life story. The gift of this reading is to reveal your Illuminated True Self as Divine Light.

"I was thoroughly impressed with the comprehensive feedback that the collective gave me. I walked in expecting to hear about one aspect of my life and walked out with a completely new perspective. All three members provided unique information that together built a holistic story about the challenges I was facing with my health. I highly recommend their services to anybody looking for a deeper examination of healthcare issues" - Edith L.

"I was extremely pleased with my reading. I was provided with so much information that I did not even know I was needing to hear. All three women were amazingly connected to spirit and the information given was not only accurate but provided me with new insight to my journey. The insight was interconnected and I found it amazing that all three (though different perspectives) provided one whole view of my journey; each perspective over lapped the other to create a complete message. I highly recommend their services as they are unique and extremely useful." - Andrea S.


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